Environmental issues of the world
Work of factories
Forest cutting
Atomic weapon tests
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Environmental issues of the world

1. Environmental issues of the world

Voronezh state University
Environmental issues
of the world


The modern ecology has a set of important problems. For
centuries man had used a huge amount of natural resources.
Currently, the person is obliged to monitor the environment.
People changed his mind too late, too late began to take action
issues are relevant


Pollution of water resources
water is the resource without which we cannot survive not
one person, not one living organism on the planet

4. Cars

According to the world energy Council, about 17% of global
greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere due to the
operation of motor vehicles

5. Work of factories

factories produce a huge amount of emissions released into
the atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere

6. Forest cutting

Millions of hectares of deciduous and coniferous forests
annually destroyed. Many of the territories that are left
without wood as a result of deforestation or fires to turn
into a wasteland

7. Atomic weapon tests

Long-term environmental consequences of nuclear
explosions will exceed the life expectancy of future
generations. The effects of nuclear explosions may cease to
exist all life on the planet


A happy life depends on the environment and we must
change the situation only for the better. environmental
problems are very serious and difficult but, together,
humanity can cope and preserve the planet for future


In the result I would like to say that the governments of
modern countries are beginning to pay attention to
environmental problems of our planet. Countries such as
Israel and the UK is a leader in fighting pollution of the
environment. Each year, applies the improvement of factories
and equipment which reduces harmful emissions in nature.
We must pay great attention to environmental safety. and first
we must begin with ourselves.

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