Kaznu university
History of Kazakh National University.
StalF.T.Olikov first rector (1934-1940)
Al-Farabi - East thinker, philosopher, encyclopedist
Nobel laureate Roger Kornberg with the rector KNU G.M.Mutanovym Complex in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 2011
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Kaznu university

1. Kaznu university






7. History of Kazakh National University.

Al-Farabi is rich in a variety of scientific and educational
events and social life, it is impregnated with enthusiasm
and wisdom of young teachers, powerful energy of
knowledge and power of scientific thought. Creative
Search and painstaking daily work of many generations of
students, teachers and scientists on particles composed
the glorious destiny of the first university of the country.
October 20, 1933 the Council of People's Commissars of the
USSR adopted a resolution № 2293 "On the training of
personnel for Kazakhstan" and the opening of the Kazakhbased State Pedagogical University instituta.15 January
1934 g.voshlo in history as the day of the official founding
of the university. On that day, the first 54 were enrolled
student of biological and physico-mathematical faculty,
who started their studies in the former Verny gymnasium.
September 1 this year, opened the Faculty of Chemistry.

8. StalF.T.Olikov first rector (1934-1940)

StalF.T.Olikov first rector (1934-1940), who served as
Deputy People's Commissar of Education of the Kazakh
SSR. In the first part of the teaching staff KSU had 18
teachers, many of whom were trained outside the
country. December 2, 1934 the University was awarded
the name of SM Kirov. By the end of the 30s we opened
a Foreign Language (1937) and Philology (1938)
departments, preparatory courses for Kazakh youth,
expanded list of specialties. An important milestone in
the development of the Kazakh State University was the
discovery in 1938 of postgraduate study and creation of
the Academic Council, which opened up new
possibilities for the preparation of national scientificpedagogical personnel.

9. Al-Farabi - East thinker, philosopher, encyclopedist

10. Nobel laureate Roger Kornberg with the rector KNU G.M.Mutanovym Complex in Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, 2011

Currently, over 20 000 students are enrolled at the
university, he taught more than 1500 teachers: among them
27 academicians of the National Academy of Sciences, 6
academicians of the International Academy of Higher
Education, 300 doctors and professors and 700 associate
professors and candidates. We employ about 70 laureates of
state individual and youth awards. The walls of the Treasury
collected elite of Kazakhstan science.
Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National
University - one of the universities of Kazakhstan, adopted a
program of the United Nations "Academic Impact", and as a
result of known rating agency QS (UK), Thomson Reuters
(USA) our University was the first among the Central Asian
universities joined the rank of the most famous universities
in the world (2011).
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