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How will technology change our lives in the next 20 years


How will technology
change our lives in
the next 20 years?
Alemasov Egor


New technologies are creating every day in
our world. I think that in 20 years will be
creating technologies which now seem


Aspects of life
•Robots-assistants: people will create robots that will
work in different professions, such as a teacher or a
doctor. Also robots are stronger than people and will be
able to do the work that people cannot do.
•New transport: In the future, there will be new models of
transport, such as self-driving cars.
•Medicine: scientists will be able to find a cure for


Due to new technologies, people will be able to explore solve global
problems, such as hunger, or explore space.
I think that in the future not only new technologies will be created, but
also old technologies will be changed, because it will allow people to
better understand the future technologies.
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