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People cannot live without music. They can
listen to music everywhere even in the forest,
when they walk and hear birds singing. Music
can be classical and modern. Classical music is
performed by symphonic orchestras in the
great halls. There are a lot of famous
composers whose music is played nowadays.
Classical music is serious and requires good
understanding that's why it may seem to be
boring and dull for some.


Most people prefer modern music. Modern
music is performed by TV and radio. Modern
music has different kinds: pop, rock, disco, rap,
techno and others. Most young people like
dance and pop. Older people are fond of jazz,
rock and pop. There are a lot of singers or
music bands who perform this or that kind of
music. Now there are a lot of discs and records
of different performers.
The last achievement in music production is a
clip. Musical clips are short films accompanied
by the melody. It may be a short story what
the song is about or simply a great number of
different pictures. People like to watch clips
because it’s not only listening to music but also
watching interesting things. I’m fond of music
and like to listen to it for it helps me to have
good relaxation.


Carolina Myroslavivna Kuyek, better known as Ani Lorak was born September 27, 1978,
1999 Ani Lorak became the youngest Honored Artist of Ukraine. In the same year the singer
personally acquainted with the famous Russian composer Igor Krutoy, in collaboration with the
composition that appears 'Mirrors'. Between Igor Krutoy and Ani Lorak signed contract, which
comes into force in spring 2000. In 2002, Ani Lorak Oksana acted as a musical comedy based on
the works of Nikolai Gogol "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka." Filming scenes that take place in St.
Petersburg, took place in Mariinsky Palace in Kyiv.
Ani Lorak twice been put forward for participation in the European Eurovision Song Contest. She
was considered a favorite of the national selection for Eurovision participation in 2005, which was
held in Kiev. However, at the insistence of Vice Prime Minister Mykola Tomenko, in the final of the
national selection without the pre-selection through which passed the other participants, was
introduced Ivano-Frankivsk band "GreenJolly" that became famous during the Orange Revolution
its rechivkoyu "Together we are many" . In a telephone poll, decide which of the contenders to
represent Ukraine at Eurovision took part unexpectedly low number of viewers; as a result,
"GreenJolly" bypassed the nearest pursuers - Ani Lorak and group 'Tartak "- and at the Eurovision
Song Contest took 19th place.
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