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Volga region state Academy of physical culture of sports and tourism


Volga region state Academy of physical culture of
sports and tourism
Performed : Nustrov
Sm 8216


The Volga region Academy of sports and tourism is a unique example of
an educational institution of sports and tourism profile existing in the
modern history of Russia. In fact, we have experienced three of birth:
1974. In 1986, it was decided to transfer our University to Naberezhnye
Chelny - the city where the Kama truck factory was built. Then the
Institute, which received the status of the Academy during this period,
significantly expanded its range of educational programs, fulfilling the task
of training specialists in the Humanities. It is here, in addition to sports and
tourism training areas, opened pedagogical and psychological
specialties. The third stage in the history of the University began with the
victory of Russia in the bid campaign for the XXVII World summer student


Objects Academy
Training and sports complex "Kazan Tennis Academy"
Educational and sports complex "Indoor Swimming Pool"
Burivestnik "
Training and sports complex "Ice Palace" Zilant "
Rowing Sports Center
Gymnastics Center
Training stadium
Palace of Water Sports
Badminton center


Life at the Academy
I am studying at the
Academy for 1 first grade in
the direction of sports
management. In of Academy
are the Sports sector of the
Academy and dormitories,
Student security service,
Volunteer sectors.
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