Moscow State University
History of University
University in modern times
The height of teaching MSU
MSU in ratings
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Moscow State University

1. Moscow State University

Strelnikova Elizabeth

2. History of University

One of the oldest and
largest classical
universities in Russia.
Since 1940, it bears the
name of Mikhail
Vasilyevich Lomonosov.
The opening of the
university took place in
1755. The number of
students was 100 people.
There were 3 faculties:
philosophical, medical and

3. University in modern times

The University has at its
disposal more than 600
buildings and structures,
including the Main
Building on Vorobyovy
Gory. Their total area is
about 1 million m². Also,
two buildings of the
Medical Center were
opened, consisting of a
total of 5 buildings. Now
there are 29 faculties, 9
research institutes, 600
buildings. 30 thousand
students are studying.

4. The height of teaching MSU

Has been 11 Nobel Prize
winners among its professors
and alumni, out of 18
Russians who have received
the prestigious prize so far.
Many more MSU scientists
have been awarded various
Soviet and Russian prizes for
their achievements, among
them 60 Lenin Prizes and
120 State Prizes, over 40
MSU scientists having
received the State Prizes
over the last decade.

5. MSU in ratings

In 2013, MSU ranked
244th in the ranking of
the Times Higher
Education World
University Rankingsruen
of the best universities in
the world, and 57th in the
same reputational rating
in 2014.
In the reputational rating
in 2016, MSU took the
30th place.


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