Present Perfect
Present Perfect
Present Perfect Examples:
Signal words
Ever & never
Ever & never
Use the right signal word
Translate from Russian into English
Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences
Phrasal Verbs (come)
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Present Perfect

1. Present Perfect

2. Present Perfect

*** V3 – Past participle
+V3 (V+ed)

3. Present Perfect Examples:

• I have never been to France.
• I have bought a book today
• Has he ever been in China?

4. Signal words


5. already

• Already means that something
happened earlier than we expected.
• With Present Perfect already usually goes
after have or has and before the main
verb or at the end of the sentence

6. Yet

• Yet means that something that we
expected has happened or hasn't
• Yet is used in negative statements
and questions
• We usually put yet at the end of a

7. Yet

• Has he arrived yet?
• They haven't eaten yet.
• Have you met Judy yet?

8. Ever & never

Ever & never
• The adverbs ever and never express the
idea of an unidentified time before now
• I have never visited Germany
'Ever' is used
• 1) in questions.
Have you ever been to England?
• 2) in negative questions
• Haven't you ever eaten Chinese food?

9. Ever & never

Ever & never
• You must not
use never and not together:
• I haven't never been to Italy.
• I have never been to Italy.

10. Just

• We use JUST to talk about actions
that happened resently.
Dan and Kelly have just had a baby
girl" (it means the baby was born a
few days ago)

11. Before

• We use before to talk about actions that
happened some times ago but nobody know
when actually
• I have seen it before.

12. Use the right signal word

I have____eaten mice for breakfast
Have you___been on the Moon?
Tom hasn’t become a wizard___
When are you going to call your sister?
- I have _______called her
'Would you like something to eat?'
'No, thanks. I have___had lunch.'

13. Translate from Russian into English

• Он уже принес мою книгу.
• Они только что встретили своего
• Я никогда не был в Диснейленде.
• Ты когда-нибудь ел сахарную вату?
• Я был в цирке раньше.

14. Put the words in the correct order to make up sentences

• you/arrived/just/have?
• hasn’t/she/yet/packed/suitcase/her.
• have/I/to/camp/adventure/an/been/
• never/I/seen/robot/have/a.

15. Phrasal Verbs (come)

• Is the singer expected to
• When the last test results came___
she was disappointed
• Why don't you come ____and see us
one evening?
• Jessy has already come____her ring
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