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British rock band


Band history
The band was founded in 1967 by guitarist Brian May and Roger
Taylor, then it had the name “Smile”. In 1970, vocalist Freddie
Mercury and bassist John Deacon joined them, the band was
renamed “Queen”.
The band's first success was the single "Killer Queen" from their
third album in 1974. But Queen became famous with the release
of the song Bohemian rhapsody.
By the end of the seventies, Queen became one of the most
famous bands of stadium rock on a par with Led Zeppelin, The
Police, David Bowie, etc


I want to break free
In 1984, the cult album "The works" was
released. The album went gold in the
USA. And the most famous song was "I
want to break free”.
The song was written by bassist John
Deacon. "I want to break free" became a
symbol of freedom and liberation, and
the clip became revolutionary.
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