Crafts from waste
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Crafts from waste

1. Crafts from waste


These works are carried out in the art of
weaving from the newspaper tubes. Such
beauty! You would not believe that the
material for them served as the old
newspapers. A large number of handmade articles from newspapers indicating
the growing popularity of this type of work.
If you want to learn the art of weaving from
the newspaper tubes, on the Internet there
is a sea of materials and workshops on this



Many crafts can be made from plastic waste.
It is terrible to imagine how much we throw
away plastic bottles, packaging of
products, packages and so on. If the paper
is naturally processed relatively quickly for 3
months, the maximum - 1 year, the plastic for 200 years! Everyone can reduce the
amount of waste discharged into the
plastic. For example, it is possible to give
preference to products in cartons and
grocery shopping than with a plastic bag,
and the bag with durable fabric. More can
be made from waste plastics various crafts.



Many fathers and grandfathers in the
closet you can find some very interesting
little things, such as radio, cogs,
shurupchiki. This is - the whole scattering
of jewels to the young wizard. Of these,
you can build anything on a technical
topic that is sure to please boys.



Plastic and paper - are the most common
materials for handicrafts from waste, but
a closer look, you are sure to find the
garbage that can be turned into
something extraordinary.


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The work performed student 8 "B" class Korobtsov David
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