Value of music for people
My favorite singer
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Music in our live


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2. Value of music for people


Who doesn`t love music?
People can not live without
music. Music can be classical
and modern. Classical music
is performed by symphonic
orchestras in the great halls.
Most of the people prefer
modern music. Modern
music is performed by TV
and radio.


Young people like
techno and disco. Older
people are fond of jazz,
rock and pop. I`m fond
of music and like to
listen to it because it
helps me to have good

5. My favorite singer


There are many kinds
of music. Actually, I like
all types of music.
There are a lot of
singers or musical
bands who perform
this or that kind of
music. I fond of Tina
Karol songs. Tina Karol
is a Ukrainian singer.


She is never rest, she is
always on the move,
meeting people, while
she moves from place
to place. This woman
with a sunny smile
welcomes people,
makes new friends ,
and signs autographs all
at the same time. She
took part in musical
film «Christmas story».
Tina is a very sociable
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