About myself and my family.
My family
this is my short biography and a biography of my family over
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About myself and my family

1. About myself and my family.

2. My family

My family is not very big. There are Only 3 people. But we are very friendly. I love my parents. I ‘m
glad that our family always understands each other. We always help each other and I know that if I
have some problems my parents will help me.


I was born in Tajikistan. My family moved to Russia when I was
14 years old. Ever since I was at school №2 in the city Semiluki.
And this year I went to University.


Now I study in Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies. I like this
institution, there are good teachers, they explain well the material and answer all
arising questions in the learning process. I also liked the team, in which I found
myself, with me learning the good guys who are ready to help me in difficult times.


In my spare time I like to spend time in the company of
friends. Sometimes we can walk until the morning,
spending time time is interesting but not very useful.
Also, my attention was attracted to computer games. I
love shoot in shooters and run in the arcade video games.


My father is a former military man. He is a Major
stock. He now works as an engineer at the plant.
On the presented pictures my father sits next to
my dog. Her name Bagheera and she Rottweiler


My mother works as an accountant in a large company, but
it is a profession technologist. I love my mother, even
though she did not understand my hobby, and constantly
complains about the fact that I play video games

8. this is my short biography and a biography of my family over

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