It was the first….
History of Steamboat Willy
To be continued
Steamboat is sailing
Finally music
Mikey plays
Suddenly appears the Capitan
Why black and white?
The END…..
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Steamboat Willy was created in 1928. It was the first sound Disney cartoon

1. It was the first….

Soloviev Paul,
Gymnasium 642,
7 betta,
October 2016

2. History of Steamboat Willy

Steamboat Willy was created in 1928.
It was the first sound Disney cartoon.
This cartoon had got a great success.
Mickey Mouse is a main actor.
The third time in the history animation Mickey Mouse took part in the film.
Wald Disney worked hard and created this film.
It was black and white cartoon.
After success this film Walt Disney completed other previous film.
Children of all over the world likes Mickey Mouse very much.
This film is 13 of world top animation.

3. Steps

1. Mickey mouse drives of steamboat.
2. Mickey mouse thinks that he is the
3. He sings melody.
4. Suddenly the real Capitan appears.
5. His name is Pete.
6. Pete runs Mickey mouse from the
7. Mickey mouse is angry at Pete.
8. Pete beats the mouse.
9. Mickey mouse falls downstairs and
falls into a bucket of water.
10.The parrot begins to laugh of Mickey
11.And Mickey mouse throws a bucket
into a bird.

4. To be continued

1.Pete eats chewing
tobacco and spits
2.Tobacco is back
and strikes the bell.
3.Pete bites again and
4.Then Tobacco flies
in his face.
5.Pete is very angry.

5. Steamboat is sailing

Steamboat is preparing
to do the stop.
Passengers are waiting the
The Passengers are animals.
Minnie mouse was too late and miss
the boat.
She runs along the river.
Mickey mouse helps her and lifts her
by crane on the boat.

6. Finally music

Minnie mouse lands on the
deck and drops a guitar.
She also drops music sheets
of «Turkey in the Stray».
The goat eats this music
Two mouse use the goal
us a gramophone.

7. Mikey plays

Mikey helps the
He plays on the
animals us on musical
He creates the

8. Suddenly appears the Capitan

The Capitan punishes
Mickey mouse and makes
him to peel potatoes.
The parrot laughs at
Mickey mouse.
Mickey mouse throws a
potato at the parrot.
The parrot falls into the

9. Why black and white?

I have done my presentation black and
white, because my favorite cartoon is black
and white too.
It is coin with Mickey mouse.

10. The END…..

This is the memorial of Walt Disney and
Mickey mouse.
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