Some of the representatives of contemporary music are a Group of Pizza,Natalie and Grigory Leps.
Group of Pizza
Grigory Leps
Group of Pizza
Grigory Leps

Some of the representatives of contemporary music are a Group of Pizza, Natalie and Grigory Leps

1. Some of the representatives of contemporary music are a Group of Pizza,Natalie and Grigory Leps.


2. Group of Pizza

3. Natalie

4. Grigory Leps

5. Group of Pizza

"Pizza" was established in 2009 Sergey Prikazchikov who
previously played in "via Chappa".
The first group was released in 2010, the track "Friday".
Released in 2011 the song "Lights" and "Weapons" were used in
the popular TV series channel STS "Junior".
In 2012 the band released their debut album "the Kitchen".
In 2014 they released their second album — "On the whole
planet Earth", which the group won in the nomination
"breakthrough of the year" two awards
In 2016, the group released the song "Reflection" in a duet with
rap artist "Pencil".
7 Oct 2016 premiere of the third Studio album called



7. Grigory Leps

At age 14 he enrolled in the school of music, completing it the class of percussion
instruments. After service in army in Khabarovsk, worked the dance floor, in the Sochi
Park "Riviera", sang in restaurants Sochi, played in rock bands. In the late 80's was the
singer of the band "Index-398".
In addition, many well-known musicians, such as Alexander hookahs, Oleg Gazmanov, Mikhail
anybody, Alexander Rosenbaum, dining in the restaurant, where she sang Leps, advised
him to go to the capital. In his memoirs, the capital has met him unfriendly:Я был мало
кому интересен. Много пил. Начал употреблять наркотики. Выглядел
соответственно плохо. Мой вес был за 100 кг. А люди, обещавшие помочь когда-то
– естественно пропали. Трудно было со мной таким.
In 1994 we started recording the first album "God Bless You", which was released in 1995 and
the song is from the album "Natalie" quickly gained popularity. On the radio it was
regularly ordered by listeners. The singer immediately started filming the two clips
("Natalie", "God Bless You"), but due to the busy rhythm of rehearsals and concerts
undermined health.
In 1998, Gregory received an invitation from Alla Pugacheva to sing in "Olympic" in the
"Christmas meetings" with the song "still see." Later Alexander hookahs organized a
concert of the songs of Vladimir Vysotsky performed by contemporary authors. Leps
participated in the celebration with the song "Sail".Cooperation with Alexander Solokha
has led to the emergence of such clips as "my Thoughts", "First Birthday" and "the Ratjealousy", which allowed to look at the genre of the chanson with the other hand


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9. Natalie

In 1993 he arrived in Moscow and a year later under the pseudonym
"Natalie" released their first album "the little Mermaid", which acted as the
contractor and the author of almost all songs.
After singles 1995, "Pink dawn", with only three new songs in the next year
appeared the second album "snow rose", which sold more copies than "the
little Mermaid". In 1996 was released the first clip of Natalie in the song
"snow rose“.
The popularity of the country Natalie came in 1997 with the song "the
Wind was blowing from the sea" and the eponymous album. This song is at
the end of 1997, entered the top five most popular at the time and
became the hallmark of the singer. The album was released record
In 1999 he released a new album, "counting". Three songs from the album,
including the title, were filmed videos. In the album, among other things,
included the re-recording of the song Arcadia Koralova "Christmas toys".
In September 2000, Natalie released the album "First love". In the same
year, the singer has a new hit song "the Bug". In 2002, he released a new
album "don't fall", and in 2003 the video for the song "Sea of color jeans".


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