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My beautiful teacher


My beautiful


• This year I entered the
university, which is located in
St. Petersburg. One of the
subjects that is studied there
is english.
• Our group was given a
teacher, who from the very
first minutes ignited in us the
desire to learn English.


• This beautiful teacher's
name is Elena
Eduardovna. I am very
pleased with the way she
presents us with the
topics of the lesson.


• Everything happens In
a very sincere and calm
atmosphere. But
despite her kindness,
she doesn't let us skip
classes or do our
homework. Everything
is very strict here.


• The lessons are very
interesting. Everything is
easy to remember. Much
of what I could not
understand before, Elena
Eduardovna explained
easily and simply.


• Next semester, I would like to
add hours of English to our
class. This wish is due to the
fact that we did not have
enough communication with
the teacher. So that we have
lessons at least twice a week.
Since we have a clear
breakthrough in the
knowledge of the English


• Elena Eduardovna does
almost impossible things for
us. She managed to get us to
succeed in one couple of
days a week. And this is even
in the context of a pandemic,
in the context of distance
learning! And if the gap
between the pairs decreases,
the results will be even
better. Because when there's
a big gap, it's very relaxing.


• I would also like to learn
more and more about
the pronunciation of
English words. And I
would especially like to
practice on tenses in
English. This is the most
important task for me at
the moment, which I
hope to achieve in the
next semester.


• Now I hope that
with this beautiful
teacher, we will
finally speak
English almost
like our native
language. For
which I am very
grateful to her
and i wish her
further success
and happiness.


• Thanks for your
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