The Lobachevsky University

My longer education. The Lobachevsky University

1. The Lobachevsky University


* Nizhny Novgorod University was founded January 30 in 1916 . He
was one of three Russian People's University and the first higher
education institution in Nizhny Novgorod.
* In 1918, the University became a state It was the first Soviet
university. And also in 1956, the university was named after the
great Russian scientist Nikolai Ivanovich Lobachevsky .
* In 1976, the University awarded the Order of Red Banner of


* The Lobachevsky University is one of the best classical universities
in Russia. As an innovative university, conducting research-based
high-quality training of highly qualified personnel, Nizhny Novgorod
University meets the needs of the individual, society and the state
in a wide range of basic and additional educational programs in the
forms demanded by students.
* The combination of high quality education and access to training at
the expense of species diversity of educational programs and forms
of training - a distinctive feature of the activities of the university
in the global knowledge economy.
* The Lobachevsky University is the winner of all the major
competitive programs aimed at the development of Russian
education, science and innovation


* Institute of Biology and Biomedicine
* Military training
* Graduate School of General and Applied Physics
* Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics Faculty
* Institute of Information Technology , Mathematics and Mechanics
* Institute for foreign students
* Institute of International Relations and World History
* Institute of Open Education
* Institute for Rehabilitation and Health
* Institute of Economics and Entrepreneurship
* Small Academy of Public Administration
* Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
* International Relations Department
* Faculty of Radiophysics
* Institute of Social Sciences
* Department of Physics
* Physical Culture and Sports
* Faculty of Philology
* Chemical faculty
* Faculty of Law
* Faculty training and retraining


* The Lobachevsky University has several branches . So if
you want to learn about some of the faculties of his
whereabouts or other more detailed information , you
should visit the website of your department and see the
contacts .
* Central Branch is located at Gagarin Avenue 23 and you
can also send your questions for E-mail: [email protected]
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