About myself
I will introduce from now about
Me and My family
About my college
About the dentist
About my hobbies
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About myself

1. About myself

2. I will introduce from now about

About myself
My college
My profession
My hobbies and interests

3. Me and My family

My name is Dinmukhamed Zharylkasyn
,friends call me Dimash.
There are 4 people in my family:
father ,mother, sister and me.
I’m nineteen. I was born in Otyrar, but now
I live in Shymkent.

4. About my college

I study at high
medical college. Our
college was founded
in 1930.There are
several specialties.
And my specialty is
dentist .

5. About the dentist

Nowadays it is one
of the very important
professions. I chose
this profession,
Because I want
everyone to have
healthy teeth and a
beautiful smile.

6. About my hobbies

I like to reading about astronomic and


Cycling with music


Watching football and motor sports


Sometimes I make musical remixes at


To know foreign languages is a time
requirement. Why I interested to learn
English, because English is a world
communication language. And my dream
is traveling around the world
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