The University of Mines in SaintPetersburg


Hello, world!


I want to tell you about The
University of Mines in SaintPetersburg


1.At this university are studying
everything related to mining
activities and geological
3. Faculties at this university as
institutions, though linked
4. This University has all that you
wish! (even a gym in a dormitory!)
into him annually invest several
billion rubles…
5.You can get bachelor and


University’s history.
St. Petersburg Mining University - the first in Russia and the second in the
world the highest mountain-technical school, founded by the Decree of the
Empress Catherine II on October 21 (November 1) 1773. June 28 (July 9),
1774 the grand opening of the St. Petersburg Mining School. The original
plan of the Mountain School students were trained 3-3.5 years.
Until 1792 Mountain College was contained in the ore industrialist funds. In
1792, the Senate moved the school to state-owned content.


The number of students: over 10k.
University participates in all mineral projects of the
51 place in the ranking of the top 100 universities in the
world. Main technical education in Russia. That says it
Famous alumni. of my contemporaries: Oleg Tinkoff. And
also a lot of wonderful people bygone Russian Empire
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